A Season of Painting

The seasons of life sometimes seem to pass so slowly when you’re in them. But when you turn around and see how far you’ve already come, you realize just how fast time flies. I can’t believe my little boy is 15 months old. He’s been with us for over a year, yet I remember bringing him home from the hospital like it was yesterday. I’ve heard parents say that my whole life and now that I’m in the season of parenting, I understand.

Along with being in the parenting season of life, I’ve been blessed the past couple of months to find myself in a season of painting. However short this season may be, I am grateful for it because painting is one of my greatest passions. I truly believe that it is good for my soul. I have found time to do personal painting work as well as freelance painting work. I love the process of painting. From the anticipation of prep work to the fulfillment of cleaning up, each step is special.

Here are some examples of the painting I’ve been able to do. I did a personal piece that is a combination of acrylics and watercolors, a flowery watercolor piece that is being used for a ministry event, and a fun logo for which I combined paint and ink to get the look I wanted.


My Portfolio Show

Well folks, I’m officially a college grad! My portfolio show was a success. It took a lot of hard work but I’m so happy with how it turned out! I got some jobs leads from the show, and I won Best in Show in the graphic design program. I also gave away ALL of the air fresheners that I ordered! People really liked them! Here are some pictures from the show.

Me with my display of work
Me with my display of work
My display
My display
The focal point of my display
The focal point of my display
Me with Greg Cradock (Academic Director of the Graphic Design Department) and my Best in Show Award
Me with Greg Cradock (Academic Director of the Graphic Design Department) and my Best in Show Award
Kyle and Me
Kyle and Me

More Internship Projects

Greetings! I hope everyone is surviving this Polar Vortex. I’ve been layering clothes during the day and piling blankets during the night ’cause it is COLD! I usually love snow, but not this much snow, and not below 0 temperatures.

On a happier note, I have completed my Marketing and Communications Internship! I would like to share some of the main projects that I worked on. Several tasks that I was assigned involved simply updating current websites and publications, but my favorite tasks were the ones that allowed me some creative freedom. The images below are of pieces that I got to design.

Alcohol Sales Infographic

Above is an infographic that I designed to show facts about alcohol sales, particularly those in Indiana. Currently, Indiana law does not allow the Sunday sale of alcohol.

INRLA decal and seal

I created a membership decal and endorsed provider seal for the Indiana Restaurant and Lodging Association. I did not design the InRLA logo (the star).

Legislative Packet Icons

I created these icons to be used in a packet containing information about Indiana alcohol sales. The packet (from the Indiana Association of Beverage Retailers)  was designed to be given to Indiana legislators. I also designed the actual packet pages. Two of the pages are seen below.

Legislative Packet: IN_fiscal_impactLegislative Packet: Sunday_sales_map

Finally! My Illustrated Bahamas Poster


I posted back in June that I was making a poster to remember my Bahamas cruise. The trip was celebrating my and husband’s five year wedding anniversary. I was inspired by the work of DKNG (http://www.dkngstudios.com/) when I was designing this poster. I learned some of their techniques by taking their class on Skillshare.

The poster has elements that of things that I experienced on the cruise, and the layout is in the shape of the Bahamas flag. I used primarily Adobe Illustrator when creating it.

I Love Designing School Posters!

Fall Break 2013

One of the responsibilities (more like FUNsibilities!) I have at my on-campus job is designing posters to go up all over school. This one is my latest design. I created vector versions of the Pyramids which is where the school is. I like how it turned out. And I REALLY like the fact the fall break two weeks away!!!