Hand-Bound Portfolio Books

As I have been having job interviews, I have been putting together portfolio books to leave with employers. The books are about 30 pages long and contain my best work. I used Japanese stab-stitch binding to make them. I also created a little pocket on the inside cover which contains my resume and business card. Then I made a small sleeve to go around the book. I think it is all-together a neat little package. 🙂

book1 book1b book2 book3 book4

Watercolor + Typography

I am getting really close to graduating with my bachelors in graphic design, which means I’m getting really close to my PORTFOLIO SHOW! I’m pretty pumped about it, and I have some cool ideas about how I will display my work.

I decided that am going to order some car air fresheners (you know the kind that hang from the rear-view mirror) with my branding and contact info on them to give out at my show. Today I finished the design that will go on the back of the air fresheners. I did a little watercolor painting of some flowers and then did some hand-drawn type on top of it in Photoshop. Here is the result!

Watercolor underpainting Finished watercolor Flowers with type