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Smell Them Flowers

This mama is soooo thankful for a little boy who LOVES to pick flowers! (And sticks, and dirt and grass). We are so thankful for God’s beautiful creation that we get to live in. Usually Turner and I end up making a craft with the flowers and plants when we’re done. If you have the […]

A Long Expected Party

My son, Turner, had his FIRST BIRTHDAY on Sunday! I went all out with the decor. We love the Lord of the Rings in this family and I’m a big fan of the Shire. It was a beautiful day for a party!

My Creative [Life] Process

It seems that everyone has a different creative process. I have found this to be true. Some people have vast differences in the kind of work environment they prefer, the types of tools they use, or the order they do things in. Others, however, are quite similar and only vary in a few areas. While […]

Man’s Best Friend

No matter what kind of project I’m working on, I am always thankful for the company of my puppy. She’s the best!

Shutterfly for Christmas!

Oh how I love Shutterfly! I just got this year’s Christmas card in the mail. They’re perfect! The design that I chose is by Poppy Studio. And look how the rounded corners (a new Shutterfly feature) give a unique touch. It inspires me to some creative Christmas crafting! I also have thank you stickers and […]

Handmade Presents

I’ve been working on a group project with 3 of my friends and fellow graphic designers. We are developing the brand and touchpoints for a hypothetical company named “Seven Natural Hair Essentials.” We’ve had our ups and downs with this project, but I truly appreciate everything that these guys have put into it. We work […]

Birthday Card

My husband turned 26 today. I have been making him birthday cards since we were in 8th grade! Here is the one I designed for him this year. All it took was some cool paper (that I already had from Hobby Lobby), a standard black and white printer, and a bit of creativity to make […]