Paintings, Parties, and Professionals

Two Paintings


I just finished summer quarter at the Art Institute. One of the classes I completed was PAINTING! We used only oil paints. It was my first experience with oils, and I LOVE them. I have done watercolor paintings, which I enjoy, but painting with oils was a whole new experience. I was able to paint in much more detail than I can with watercolors, and with oils I can fix mistakes after it dries. But it does take a looong time to dry.

Basically there are pros and cons to each method of painting. Above are two of the oil paintings I produced for class. The apple one is not quite finished.

Membership Party


One week ago, I attended the 2013 AIGA Membership Party in Indy. It was a blast! I really don’t go to “parties” very often; I am more of a stay-home-and-watch-a-movie kind of person. But I am glad that I went to this party. I got to meet several other design students from different schools and hang out in an artsy environment (it was held at The Hinge Bureau-awesome space!). Sometimes you don’t realize how encouraging it is to be around people that understand and have a passion for the same things that you do.



This week I began my internship at Tamm Capital Group in downtown Indianapolis. I am loving it! I get to work with professionals and practice my professional design skills. It amazes me that I get paid to do what I love! Through this opportunity, God has really been giving me assurance that I picked the right career field.

My office at the internship doesn’t have a window, but that doesn’t mean I miss out on the great city views! The picture above is the view from the parking garage. I get to see that everyday, so I’m happy with it!

Be a List Maker

I don’t know what I would do without my book of lists. I make to-do lists, lists of things I want to remember, lists of supplies that I need. It’s how I stay on top of things. It also helps to have a physical book to write the lists in rather than having a digital list, cause then I can doodle.

Now if only I could make my list book pages look as beautiful as the example below. Quite inspiring.

My lists and inspiration

On top is my list book and below that is an example of notes by Carolyn Sewell (retrieved from

Back at it!

I know I’ve been MIA for a while, but now I’m back now—rested and refreshed. After finishing a stressful quarter at school, I had some time off to recuperate. I went on my first cruise with my husband to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary. It was awesome.

Anyways, now that I’m back I plan on posting a lot more on here. I’ve been working on several projects that I will post soon, including a poster summarizing my cruise trip to the Bahamas. I have also recently developed a brand for myself and I will be updating the appearance of this site to match my theme. Yay!


Living for… yourself?

The other day in my Media Design class we watched an “inspirational video” of sorts. The main point of the video was that you should find out what brings you the most satisfaction in life and not let anyone get in your way in order to accomplish it. It was said that YOU have the power to do whatever you are passionate about and you are 100% in control; that you should achieve your own impossibilities. But here are my questions: WHY? If you follow this advice, what are you living for besides yourself? Haven’t you ever wondered who gave you your deepest desires? Where does your motivation come from? Isn’t there a greater purpose out there???

Simply looking within my flawed self and discovering my own selfish desires does not seem like a worthy purpose to live my life for. Don’t get me wrong, many of our desires are noble ones that were put inside of us by God. God has given each of us unique talents and abilities and we should use them to further his kingdom. I intend to be a creative designer—what I love doing, what I was created to do—in a way that brings glory to God and points others to the good news of His salvation. I consider this a small way to give back to the One who gave me EVERYTHING. He gave me life, He created everything that is beautiful, He suffered and died on my behalf. I owe everything to Him. The only thing that we can take with us when we die is our own self and other people. That is why I want my purpose to be eternal, not temporary.