Paintings, Parties, and Professionals

Two Paintings


I just finished summer quarter at the Art Institute. One of the classes I completed was PAINTING! We used only oil paints. It was my first experience with oils, and I LOVE them. I have done watercolor paintings, which I enjoy, but painting with oils was a whole new experience. I was able to paint in much more detail than I can with watercolors, and with oils I can fix mistakes after it dries. But it does take a looong time to dry.

Basically there are pros and cons to each method of painting. Above are two of the oil paintings I produced for class. The apple one is not quite finished.

Membership Party


One week ago, I attended the 2013 AIGA Membership Party in Indy. It was a blast! I really don’t go to “parties” very often; I am more of a stay-home-and-watch-a-movie kind of person. But I am glad that I went to this party. I got to meet several other design students from different schools and hang out in an artsy environment (it was held at The Hinge Bureau-awesome space!). Sometimes you don’t realize how encouraging it is to be around people that understand and have a passion for the same things that you do.



This week I began my internship at Tamm Capital Group in downtown Indianapolis. I am loving it! I get to work with professionals and practice my professional design skills. It amazes me that I get paid to do what I love! Through this opportunity, God has really been giving me assurance that I picked the right career field.

My office at the internship doesn’t have a window, but that doesn’t mean I miss out on the great city views! The picture above is the view from the parking garage. I get to see that everyday, so I’m happy with it!