Tag and Envelope Design from Christmas

This year, I got an early Christmas present: a wonderful color printer! I decided to utilize it in making Christmas present tags and envelopes. I designed a simple icon to put on the materials. I chose to use the words “Christmas Comfort” because that was my hope for the gifts that I gave this year—that they would bring comfort to the recipients. It has been a stressful year for my family, but we all still love each other. And we showed our love by exchanging gifts and simply by spending time together over the holidays.


closeup2 closeup3 overall

Merry Christmas Cover Art

Merry Christmas my friends! I am so thankful that God has said to us, “I love you, but you have a problem: sin. This problem must be dealt with. But don’t worry, I have provided a way for you to receive salvation. I have given you the greatest gift of all, my son. He will take your sin upon himself so that I can have a relationship with you.” Thank you God for this gift of love and grace.

One of the ways I have celebrated the season is that I designed this festive cover for the December issue of the InRLA Newsletter at my internship. I created the illustration with ink and watercolor and then scanned it in. I was glad that my supervisor gave me the creative freedom to design the cover.

InRLA December 2013 Cover

Shutterfly for Christmas!

shutterfly card

Oh how I love Shutterfly! I just got this year’s Christmas card in the mail. They’re perfect! The design that I chose is by Poppy Studio. And look how the rounded corners (a new Shutterfly feature) give a unique touch. It inspires me to some creative Christmas crafting!

I also have thank you stickers and return address labels left over from last year, and they coordinate perfectly with this year’s card! Score!

I have ordered many of Shutterfly’s products and I’m a huge fan. Their resources are perfect for the holidays, from Christmas cards, to unique tags, to amazing gifts. Items I have purchased include personalized mugs, calendars, luggage tags, large prints for framing, mouse pads, and photo books. I plan to continue utilizing Shutterfly in the future; I love seeing the new treasures that they come up with and I look forward to making them my own.

Check them out at http://www.shutterfly.com/

Shutterfly Stickers Sending cards