My Creative [Life] Process


It seems that everyone has a different creative process. I have found this to be true. Some people have vast differences in the kind of work environment they prefer, the types of tools they use, or the order they do things in. Others, however, are quite similar and only vary in a few areas. While this might seem to be an obvious fact, something even more obvious is this: everyone has a different life process. Every person reaches certain levels of personal and spiritual growth at different points in their lives.

I’m a creative person, and I often feel the most fulfilled when I’m doing creative activities. However, my life process has been marked by highs and lows in creativity. I contribute these variances to seasons throughout my life when I have been struck with depression. For me, depression seems to paralyze my creativity. And my motivation to do anything. When these seasons have come into my life, I have often had the mindset of being “stuck.” Like I cannot do anything until this passes. This got particularly troublesome when I had my son. The depression hit me the hardest about a month postpartum. There’s no worse time to be “stuck” then when you’ve got a newborn to take care of. Forget about getting your creativity back. We’re talking about SURVIVAL.


After many difficult months, my postpartum depression finally subsided. I made it out and my life process resumed. My little boy even helped me by becoming extra cuddly when I was the saddest. I gradually felt more motivated to create again. I had served my time and at last I could move on with my life.


However, I recently discovered that we shouldn’t wait to be “cured” from our depression before moving on with our lives. Rather than waiting until we feel better, those of us who go through seasons of depression should walk with God through those seasons. He gives us everything we need for life EACH DAY. Our daily bread and daily grace given from God is sufficient for today. Not for yesterday. Not for tomorrow. It is sufficient for TODAY (Matt 6:34, 2 Cor 12:9). And every day is different, especially for those of us with depression and anxiety. But instead of constantly wishing for it to be over, we should live in the moment, trusting God with every second.

I want to encourage you, no matter what trial you’re going through, to make it part of your life process. Not a pause and resume. Let it shape you. Let it bring you closer to God and those you love. It might feel like you should give up, but keep going. And remember not to compare yourself with others—because everyone has a different life process.

Why We Create – an Illustration

Why We Design Poster

“We make in our measure and in our derivative mode, because we are made: and not only made, but made in the image and likeness of a Maker.”
― JRR Tolkien

The above quote by influential author, JRR Tolkien, encompasses what I believe about design. We, as human beings, have the need to be creative because our creativity is one part of God’s likeness that we reflect. Being creative, coming up with original ideas, making new things, is what fulfills us—whether we realize it or not.

My original concept for this illustration was to show the omnipotence of God side-by-side with the finite nature of humans, yet, to also show their similarities. That is why I chose to set the illustration in an open-aired galaxy, representing the spiritual, non-physical nature of the soul. Then the fleshly aspect of the body is brought in and signified symbolically by the rib cage—the heart being replaced by a glowing spatial body. This substitution of the heart illustrates how God has put a creative nature into humans, into their very souls.

The typography I used in my design is also significant. I created a unique drop-cap because I think it gives the appearance that the story being portrayed is a legendary narrative of old. The act of God’s creation is indeed the oldest account known to man.

This poster aims to provide viewers with a better understanding of why people exist in the way that they do. It displays a meaningful statement along with an inspiring illustration for visual learning.
I used Photoshop to create the digitally painted background and Illustrator for the typography.