A Children’s Book About Design! I’ll Send You a PDF

This is a book that I have been working on for the past 10 weeks. My goal was to create a book for kids that would explain basic design concepts. It is titled, “Learn About Design.” I chose to do this project because in the big world of children’s books, there are few (if any) on the subject of good design. But I think teaching kids about design at an early age would be very beneficial so that they can understand what makes something beautiful. Many people recognize beauty in the world but they can’t identify what makes it so visually pleasing.

This book is just a start to teaching children about design. It is made up mostly of visual examples and illustrations. If you have young children that you would like to read this book to (or if you just want to see the book yourself) I will email you a PDF version with all of the colorful pages. Please simply follow my blog and then send me an email requesting the PDF. My email address can be found on the ABOUT page.

I am interested to find out how children will respond to the book. I don’t have any children myself, which is why I would like to send it to those of you who do.

I used special paper for the front and back covers and cut out shapes revealing information on the colorful pages underneath. I bound the book using the Japanese binding method.